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      Progress Rail

      About?Progress Rail

      Progress Rail is one of the largest integrated and diversified providers of rolling stock and infrastructure solutions and technologies for global rail customers. Our deep industry expertise, together with the support of Caterpillar, ensures a commitment to quality through innovative solutions for the rail industry since 1983.

      Product Offerings

      Whether it rolls on the rail or is the rail itself, Progress Rail provides new, remanufactured or recycled assets – offering customers comprehensive, end-to-end railway solutions.?

      We support our customers through following product offerings:?

      • Rolling Stock?

      • Infrastructure

      • Engines?

      • Rail Technologies

      The group delivers advanced EMD locomotives and engines, railcars, trackwork, fasteners, signaling, rail welding and Kershaw Maintenance-of-Way equipment, along with dedicated locomotive and freight car repair services, aftermarket parts support and recycling operations.?

      The company also offers advanced rail technologies, including data acquisition and asset protection equipment.

      Why?Progress Rail

      Our team works hard to create lifelong customer relationships, supplying comprehensive rolling stock and infrastructure solutions for the global rail industry and setting the standard for excellence. We care about fostering the sustainable movement of goods and people for generations to come, and we know our customers care, too. Our strategic footprint ensures responsive, quality customer support all day, every day.



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      Distribution Channels:

      Business to Business (Direct)

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